Zikto Walk Is An Activity And A Walking Posture Wearable


On the very same website, we have told you time and again the importance of perfect posture and position while doing different activities of the day. However, we have never focused on any product that looks after your posture while “walking”. Obviously, most of our day are spent walking instead of just sitting or lying around. This is why there is an importance of good posture.

Zikto Walk is a posture wearable that analyzes your walking patterns and styles to help you walk perfectly. The device also tells you how to maintain a physical body balance which is ideal for the perfect body posture.

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Zikto Walk Is An Activity And A Walking Posture TrackerZikto works a perfect sports wearable but it has some other functionality too. The device measures your swing speed along with rotation angle, vibration transferred from the feet etc. With the help of all the mentioned measurements, the tracker gives you a reminder in the form of gentle vibration as to when you have a bad walking posture. Some of the examples include when you are walking with hands in your pocket or Smartphone in your hand or a hunched back etc. All the postures and other scores and progress can be monitored with the help of a Smartphone app.

Zikto Walk also determines your body balance. The users have to wear the device on both sides, so it can collect all the essential data. In this way, the tracker will be able to help you tell which area you prefer most and will recommend you a perfect workout routine for a balanced back.

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Apart from the mentioned, Zikto Walk also has basic functions of an activity tracker like steps, calories counting, sleep tracking and distance travelled etc.

The Zikto Walk Activity and Posture Coach along with a strap is available from $149 from here.


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