Ziel Solution’s Smart Sleeve Will Alert Baseball Players Prior To Injuries


Do you want a wearable that will warn you of potential damage or injury? Well, you will soon have one! Created by a pair of students, Ziel is a zealous hand sleeve which will alert you whenever you are going to hurt yourself.

Initially aimed at the baseball segment, the patent pending wearable device combines muscle sensors and motion analysis to objectively identify harmful pitching. The wearable sleeve will use different sensors to extract the information related to potential injuries. The users will be able to get a quick and accurate feedback on their Smartphones for every throw.

Ziel Solution's Smart Sleeve Will Alert Baseball Players Prior To Injuries
One of the creative geniuses’ behind Ziel Solutions, while describing the prototype of his product!

The purpose behind creating this product was to minimize the injuries that Baseball players have been facing from a long time. About a quarter of professional baseball players had to go through surgery due to bad posture or technique while playing or due to some sort of over-stress on their muscles.

However, the best part about Ziel is that; this same technology can be applied to any repetitive physical activity- workouts, marathon running, repetitive stress injuries in the workplace.

The fourth prototype by Ziel is already under-construction and the makers are working hard to make the wearable error free. As reported by Engadget, the sleeve is expected to be priced around $250 with a coaching subscription of $10 a month. But, unfortunately, Ziel won’t be hitting the markets anytime soon and the latest confirmed data is expected to be in 2018.


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