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Zero1 Wearable Helmet Effectively Provides Safety Against Football Head Injuries

While, Football game requires efficiency, energy and strong attention it is dangerous on many fronts too. Many different companies are working on different wearable technologies to make this game safer than ever.

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It must be noted that a slight head injury could lead to some very dangerous issues ranging from concussions to chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). This is the major reason; sports technology is looking for ways to stop people being afraid of this game. The increased injuries can also lead to the higher dropout of the students and even professionals from this game. Keeping this in mind, a Seattle startup Vicis is finding different ways to eradicate the reasons behind such problems.

Zero1 Wearable Helmet Effectively Provides Safety Against Football Head Injuries
Solid Layers For Head Protection

Vicis has come up with high-end, high-tech helmet which is capable of outdoing all the other technologies available of this nature. Termed as “Zero1”, the helmet has combined different ideas and mechanics to protect the head of football players from intense injuries.

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Zero 1, in order to prove its credibility against the trauma and injuries, has gone through a test with famous Sports helmets, Riddell, and Schutt. Due to the results of the head trauma tests, the Zero1 fared 20 and 50% better than Riddell and Schutt. This is why the football wearable has proven that it is the best in the marker and can be confidently used by the professional and college players. However, the major setback with this mind-boggling technology is that it is very expensive in production and even more expensive to buy.

Zero1 Wearable Helmet Effectively Provides Safety Against Football Head Injuries

But, that is not even a big problem for Vicis too. Because the company has been collecting funds with ease. People really are rejuvenated with the idea of a very safe wearable future. Harnessing all the resources from about a year, Vicis managed to collect $10 million by the start of 2016. That isn’t it, preceding the months, Vicis has earned 750,000 from winning the NFL’s Head Health Challenge, and just received $4 million more in funding from more than 60 investors just last week.

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Now, Vicis is waiting for $6 million more in few months so that the product can be finalized. However, the price tag of the Zero1 would be somewhere around $1,500. The massive price can be a hindrance for a lot of potential buyers and is an obstacle in the path of a truly clever technology. We all hope that Zero1 makes football safer than ever with confidence!

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