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Zepp Play Soccer – The Next Generation Of In-Game Sensors


Zepp has been a one of its kind name in the world of sports wearables. The company, with quality products, has shot to heights with the amazing features it offers. This time, as per the claim, it is coming up with the next generation of in-game sensors Zepp Play Soccer.

According to the press-release issued by the world’s best-selling digital sports training platform, Zepp Play Soccer is suitable for athletes of all skill levels. It slides into the calf sleeve of the athletes.

“The sensor tracks on-field statistics such as sprints, kicks and total active time. It also uses auto-clip technology to capture :10 second video highlights. The end result is a detailed breakdown of performance on the pitch.” 

Once a user is all set to play, simply pair the Zepp Play Sensor with the mobile app and click “Start Game,” to begin tracking. The sensor will wirelessly send data to the Zepp Play Soccer app with the help of Bluetooth.

The important features of the device includes overall tracking of distance on the pitch along with the view of the breakdown by sprint, run, and walk. It also measures the velocity of the kick and the total number of kicks recorded by the player’s particular foot. Moreover, it tells the athletes about their maximum speed recorded throughout the game along with  the number of times they increased their speed from a run to sprint.

Athletes have two options to track their play on the pitch:

 For Pickup Games:

The Quick Game is an easy way to track performance and even has the option for a multi-player game for others to join in just by entering a code or by enabling their location to discover any nearby games.

For The Team Games:

For the competitive team sport athlete, the Team Game incorporates greater details associated with the match – from opponent, location and starting lineup – to include teammates who have the sensor, and maintain a history of the competitive season. 

On the other hand, as mentioned, the Zepp Play Soccer app is the kind of app you have never used or witnessed before. The app will automatically produce a post-game summary that includes individual player stats. For games with multiple sensors activated, athletes can combine their data with other team mates to create a summary of game stats while still being able to view personal stats.

Zepp Play Soccer is slated to hit the shelves, online and at retail stores, at Tuesday, Oct. 4. It will be available through zepp.com at a price of $99.99.


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