Zepp 2 Wearable Offers Improved Coaching With New Design For Golf, Baseball And Softball

Zepp, the famous name in the wearable world, has updated its wearable with a refreshed design and some new, improved features. This time around, the wearable is compatible with Golf, Softball, and Baseball. The new device has been named as Zepp 2.

The shape of the new device has changed a lot. Zepp 2 is square now, while, it used to be in a circular shape. The change in the shape is due to enabling the better placement of the device on the clothing and the equipment when required. But, the golfers have to clip the wearable to the back of the glove.

Many of the features and physical attributes are still the same. Zepp 2 now comes with two gyroscopes paired with two accelerometers. The major change in the new wearable is on the Smart Coach aspect. It claims that the device delivers more personalized coaching compared to the previous rendition. The old version used to show the swing at the best, but the metrics weren’t that good at all.

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Zepp 2 Wearable Offers Improved Coaching With New Design For Golf, Baseball And Softball

Zepp has now claimed that the new wearable will be able to detect strong and weak points just after few swings. You will be able to improve your performance with the help of important sessions, drills and guidance. We do not know if the new improved version is worth the hype or not. It is just announced and we have yet to see the functioning. All the performance improvement drills are recorded inside the app. You will be able to access the app and use it even without the sensor; however, practical functioning won’t be available.

The revamped Smart Coach Lessons mentioned will be in the form of videos from experts like Keegan Bradley, Michelle Wie, Rick Smith and Pat Shea.

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As mentioned, the above features are still same. After a strike, all the important swing metrics will beam to your device. You will even be able to a 3D representation of you swing and compare it to top professionals.

For now, this is all we know. We will have to wait in order to know more!