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ZENTA: A Wearable For Your Emotional & Physical Wellbeing

Manage your stress + happiness with the world's most advanced wearable for your body + mind.

ZENTA: A Wearable For Your Emotional & Physical Wellbeing

Wearables have become a genius with time. From health to sports to fun and finally to wellbeing, the tech has clouded all the aspects of our life. However, it seems that wearables are also reviving the old times when a mere ring was able to detect our mood shifts. And, that is what ZENTA has done with superior modifications.

ZENTA: A Wearable For Your Emotional & Physical Wellbeing

ZENTA is a bracelet which collects all your emotional, physical and digital data and then syncs it to provide the users with a complete overview of their health and wellbeing. The wearable has been designed from London-based technology design studio Vinaya. Therefore, the design and the bracelet is as sophisticated as it can be.

ZENTA is your personalized coach for both body and mind. Through sophisticated tracking of your physical and emotional wellbeing, ZENTA helps you discover how your habits and actions influence your stress and happiness over time. The main purpose of this wearable is that it promotes mindfulness and its importance among all.

ZENTA: A Wearable For Your Emotional & Physical Wellbeing

ZENTA biometric band not only functions as the normal activity tracker but also uses your emotions to tell you about your life, stress levels and what activity relaxes you the most. It also tells you about the quality of your sleep too. The wearable uses “the most advanced biometric sensing technology and machine learning algorithms to decode cues from your body, mind, and digital life.”

The device looks into the important functions of your body like heart rate variability, the stable heart rate, skin temperature, blood oxygen saturation, pulse transit time, pulse-wave velocity and electrodermal activity etc. All the processes mentioned help in making us happy, stressed, sad or emotional. This is why ZENTA monitors them to know about your mood and wellbeing.

ZENTA: A Wearable For Your Emotional & Physical Wellbeing
Some case studies of ZENTA’s use!

The data collected by ZENTA is sent to the connected Smartphone app. The app shows the different trend analysis of the body and the metrics of the mind. It also displays data regarding different elements which trigger stress in you, prompts and content to help build better habits, and interactive touch that syncs with your body in real time. This means that you can actually feel your heartbeat through the wearable).

The wearable can also help athletes know when they feel more stressed. This way they will be able to improve their games knowing that when their heart rate needs to be relaxed and where they have to modify their habit in order to look and act more serene during games. This bracelet will do wonders when used in sports and by professional athletes. It also comes in the “Sports Band” version which is fit to be worn and used during the games and practices.

ZENTA: A Wearable For Your Emotional & Physical Wellbeing
Different Versions of ZENTA

ZENTA is currently up on Indiegogo and has successfully fulfilled its goal with 15 more days to go. You can back the wearable for the discounted price of $149. However, the shipping date of the device is expected to be by March 2017. But, such an amazing wearable deserves our wait. Right?


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