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Your Archery and swimming techniques can now improve through digital coach

Improve your swimming performance with the new wearable
Improve your swimming performance with the new wearable

VTT Technical Research Center of Finland has done a wonder. Along with collaboration of Finland’s national swimming team and archery association they have developed a new sports wearable. The wearable is developed with the technology to enhance sports performance.

These are basically the wearable sensors which can be attached to a swimmer to gauge performance. From the attachment all the data while swimming will be transferred to the instructor’s or coach’s phone.

The sensors will be able to provide with an accurate data apropos the wearer’s swimming approach. It initially includes stroke length and the patterns through which it change while swimming. The relationship between outward stroke and recovery and the structure of the stroke and average pull will also be calculated to tell you about your aptitude.

Simo Karvinen, the Finnish Junior Olympic Team Coach said regarding the initiative that Swimming is the sport which is quite unusual because an athlete can never check his or her performance while in the water. A very handful of methods can be noticed while finding development in the swimmers procedure and technique. VTT’s technology provides a means of directly observing the power of each hand stroke and its trajectory through the water, without disrupting performance.

VTT uses archery which solves the above addressed issue. Wearable sensors and the related applications can be used during practice, when testing equipment and to some extent in competition, in order to analyze the quality of and changes in performance.

Juhana Rüster, Head of Coaching at the Finnish Archery Association defines the use of archery as;

“Archery involves a dynamic technique, but the movements involved are extremely small and sensitive to changes. The movement analysis solution developed by VTT adds data of a new kind to the observation of such movements. Further development of the solution will be hugely beneficial to coaching in the sport.”

Raimo Korhonen, Head of Research Area at VTT said,

“VTT’s wireless sensor technology can be embedded in a range of sports equipment, such as ski poles, skis, racquets and bicycles, and can even be used in horse training.”

The technology is quite satisfactory to think of. The addition of this sensor in many sports will help in increasing the performance. The sensors are ready to be used in training sessions. VTT is right now finding partners who can commercialize this product easily. They also want to expand its usage in other areas and sports too.

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