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Your shirts will remain #Unstainable forever. Read how!


I remember when I was a child; I read on some kiddy magazine that some British or American company has succeeded in manufacturing a stain sustaining shirt. It means that your shirt would never lose the crispiness and the fit fabric of your white color.

The phenomenon described in the magazine was that there is a bacterium which eats up all the dirt which sticks on clothes. The, clothes thus are always good as new. Believe me the info is not a made-up by my retarded imagination but I remember it irrefutably and even more evidently after reading the news I am going to tell you today.

Have you ever wondered why on earth the white clothes are the targets of every other food torture? Well! This is the question many scientists have been trying to solve from decades and some even died trying. But, this is 2016, and everything is possible.

The wearable tech has also jumped into smart clothing and most probably stainless clothing. Elizabeth & Clarke is famous for making shirts and tops with comical names. Some of the famous examples include “The Olsen” which is an off-the-shoulder long-sleeve shirt that is a tribute to the Row designers; Also, “Liz Lemon” which is a spotless, simple white T-shirt.

The brand has now debuted to the price-friendly wearable tech world. The new wearable clothing range consists of unstainable tops.

Juan, a stack engineer, is the guru behind this new technology. The unstainable shirt is manufactures from crepe de chine. The fabric is normal so the shirt looks normal enough. But, the real BTS wonder is that the shirt is solely covered with tiny fabrics.

The fibers use the nanotechnology. The technology repels any oil-based or water-based substance that falls on your fabric. The giddy little miracle is that the drop of the substance evaporates even before it touches the surface. Each little fiber is smaller than the grain of sand, to be precise; 100,000 times smaller. This is the reason we can’t see them and they desiccate the liquid before reaching the shirt.

Apart from the features, the new wearable tech boasted shirt is in exquisite colors and with nice fittings. The shirt feels a bit hot when worn, but it is entirely a wearable even if with a little drawback on the side.

For those, who don’t know the shirt gained 10 times more in their Kickstarter goal


Kainaat Maqbool
The writer is a student of journalism, pursuing her passion for writing. She is an avid reader and wants to be a novel writer or a fashion editor someday!

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