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Your Kids Will Now Stay Happy And Active With ReimaGo Wearable!

Your Kids Will Now Stay Happy And Active With ReimaGo!

Reima, a famous Finland based children’s outwear brand has finally stepped into the Kids wearable territory with a completely new concept. The well-known brand has developed a pristine idea that involves a wearable movement sensors and a mobile app.

ReimaGo-innovation by Reima is a pair of a wearable movement sensor, functional outerwear and a free connected Smartphone app. The app and the wearable pair are designed to fascinate children and to actuate them to stay active and move.

Your Kids Will Now Stay Happy And Active With ReimaGo!

As far as the working of the wearable is concerned, the movement sensor has specially been developed with the help of a Finnish sports technology brand Suunto to involve the elements of sports in it. The ReimaGo movement sensor is specific for kids with its Suunto Movesense technology. The sensor continuously monitors the heart rate or the calories of the children wearing it. Furthermore, ReimaGo also measures the continuity and potency of children’s physical strength and other activities throughout the course of the day.

After the sensor records all the important data, it is available to view on the ReimaGO application. The connected app’s game play shows the progress of children and also gives them rewards due to their good or bad activity. To keep parents and guardians alerted, parents have their own share of app from where they can view activity levels. The parents can also set different rewards and goals for the children.

The ReimaGo along with the waterproof movement sensor are fit to work in extra cold regions with extreme weather conditions. It will be shining on children with its availability starting from autumn 2016.

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