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You Don’t Need A SmartWatch When You Have World’s First Smart Clasp, LINK

Long gone are the days when simple watches were considered a status symbol. Well, it is true that just an elegant watch can add gorgeousness to your appearance. But, with Smartwatches the story has turned. Now we no longer care about simple watches and their appearance, no matter how cool they are with a cheap price.

However, if you can convert any watch into Smartwatch, how would be that? That’s the beauty of LINK by Weartec. It fills the gap created by the style, sleekness and sheer beauty of the Luxury Watches while also paving the way to all the functions Smartwatches have to offer.

You Don't Need A SmartWatch When You Have World's First Smart Clasp, LINK

If you think that LINK is another Watch with, “Smart, Smart” features you are absolutely wrong! LINK is an electronic watch clasp that can be added to most of the watches. It has an absolutely alluring and to-the-point touchscreen, which connects your normal watch to the Smartphone. It means that you won’t have to opt for mainstream looking Smartwatches for the high-end features. Choose whichever watch you like and link it to LINK.

With the help of world’s first Smart Clasp you can be notified with E-mails, Incoming Texts, calls, Calendar Alerts, etc to your normal Watch. You will also be able to send instant replies when busy with some urgent meeting or driving. Push Alerts and Notifications will be sent to you too. The Smart Clasp will also be able to work with many of your favorite apps.

You Don't Need A SmartWatch When You Have World's First Smart Clasp, LINK

On the fitness front, LINK also works like any other activity tracker. It measures your calories burned, heart rate and tracks your steps and the activity time etc. The clasp can also be used as a remote control for your music player, phone camera etc. Compatible languages available now are Chinese, Spanish, English, Russian, French, German, and Japanese.

LINK has an amazing curved OLED display wrapped in sapphire crystal. It will be available in Gold, Rose Gold, Black Polished, Stainless and Chrome Finishes. There are also Premium Croco Leather Straps in 3 different Colors.

You Don't Need A SmartWatch When You Have World's First Smart Clasp, LINK

The prices for all the renditions are different. You can read more about the details and pre-order the watch from the official website.

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