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You can now know if you are enough hydrated or not

H1 Halo is the compete new wearable

A Michigan based sports technology startup, Halo Wearables, is all set to launch its first product. The new product will be a wearable particularly designed for the nonpareil athletes.

The product, H1 Halo, is basically a non-invasive hydration monitoring wearable. The offering is the first of its kind. It will be launched in the early 2016.

H1 Halo is uses electrical and optical sensors to locate hydration at a cellular level so that it becomes a typical non invasive device. H1 will use a Halo Index scale. The sensor will easily detect fluid level in your blood stream and will accurately gauge your real-time hydration data on its index scale from 100-1.

The H1 Halo Index is basically divided into three different categories or zones;

This image shows the different zones throughwhich you can see your hydration level
This image shows the different zones through which you can see your hydration level

  • Green (100-68), meaning well to fully-hydrated,
  • Yellow (67-35), an early caution to hydrate soon,
  • Red (34-1), in need of immediate hydration

H1 has a battery life above 24 hours and it is capable of proving hydration monitoring without any intrusion throughout the day. The product will not only alert the user or a player that his hydration level is decreasing rapidly but it will also alert the coach when the level reaches to the dangerous red zone.

Although, H1 Halo is just a prototype only but many different professional teams are taking an interest and focusing on its qualities. Co-founder Trevor Calero in an interview to Sporttechie said that;

“We’re in advanced discussions with many NFL and NBA teams. And we’ve reached out to the college athletic departments at about two dozen schools in the major conferences (Big10, Pac12, Big12, SEC, ACC).”

It clearly shows the interest of the big sports names and famous college teams in the technology. However, it will be interesting to see that what amount of benefit Halo succeeds in providing to the user’ players.

Also, there is no appropriate technology yet which measures the amount of hydration in players’ body accurately. H1 Halo, if turns successful, will help players and coaches to a big extent. They will get to know there current state very perfectly.

One more important aspect is that although the product is in the preparatory stage, many different teams are fast approaching and the company plans on expanding the areas of interest once the product launches successfully. The sports doctors will also be made part of the detailed experimentation and investigation so they get a complete insight of the uses and benefits.

Calero also explained his further plans;

“Our goal right now is to have every sports team in the world use Halo, and learn about its strengths and drawbacks through athlete and coach feedback.”

Although the Halo team will focus only on professional sports for the first version, Calero further said they do plan on expanding the product to the medical and military fields and introducing it to the consumer fitness market, which would require the development of additional features, like email and text message, that appeal to the general public.

H1 Halo is one of those products which give us a detailed perspective of the future for the wearables and such sort of technology in the sports industry. It is good to see that a number of companies and startups are actively jumping in this field. Although we don’t know if this generosity and hard work is for consumers benefit or for the piles of money they earn.

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