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YodelUP is world’s first on-glove winter sports wearable


YodelUP is the sports wearable designed for winter sports like skiing and snowboarders. Instead of focusing on analyzing your movement and providing feedback via mobile app, this wearable device for winter sports focuses more on safety and communication.

The problem YodelUP is trying to solve is a fairly common and simple one. While on the slopes, no one likes to take their gloves off to communicate with their loved ones to adjust the volume. One obvious option is to change their winter gears for expensive helmets and gloves with built-in controls and mechanism.

YodelUP is a wearable that fits over any winter gloves and with big physical tactile buttons on the device and bluetooth connectivity with the phone, the communication to with your mobile for sending messages to controlling volume become simple and straightforward.

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Along with this simple solution, the company has collaborated with Zello, the #1 walkie-talkie App maker with 50+ million downloads, to enhance and simplify the communication. Simple, download the app on your mobile phone, add your friend in the app and instead of using mobile phone for sending message, simply press the “Yodel” button to send your voice message across. The company also promises a streamline process on Zello Apps by harnessing push-to-talk over cellular (PoC) technology.

The company will offer YodelUP in four colors (Balack, Green, Orange and Blue) and has a campaign running at kickstarter with a price tag of $99 USD.


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