Sunday, July 25, 2021

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Xiaomi Working on A Fitness and Health Application

Xiaomi, the global tech giant, has been reportedly working on a new smartphone application for fitness and health for some time now. This new application is going to be called Mi Health according to the rumors going around.

Xiaomi already has a smartphone application dedicated to fitness. This application, called Xiaomi MI Fit, tracks your activity through the day including your sleep and even tries to motivate you to work hard during your exercises. This encourages a very healthy lifestyle and develops some very decent habits. This application provides support for Amazfit Bip, Mi band, Mi Scale, Amazfit Pace, Mi Body Composition Scale and a lot of other smart devices.

The logo of Mi Health smartphone application was first sighted by XDA Developers in the latest beta release of MIUI for developers. They successfully gathered some screenshots, one of which included the logo of this application.

These screenshots reveled that Mi Health application is going to have a lot of it’s features just as they are in the Mi Fit application. It will keep a track on your sleep, burnt calories, steps taken, distance covered and much more. Although, it has some variations as well obviously. Sleep monitoring has taken a leap forward with the introduction of much advance metrics and it will also keep a track on your menstruation cycle which is something Mi Fit application is not capable of doing. FitBit, Apple and Garmin have recently introduced a similar kind of feature which might have encouraged Mi to take a step in this direction as well.

Mi Health application is also going to keep a score of your health which will be done according to your sleep, Body Mass Ratio and day to day activity. This information will be used to help you exercise better and more efficiently.

We do not have any confirm date of release for this application but the APK of this application can already be found on the web.

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