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Xiaomi Unveils Mi Band 3i at Lower Cost

Xiaomi’s Mi Bands have become a leading name in the market of smart wrist bands and fitness trackers due to their high end functionality and affordable prices. However, Xiaomi has just recently launched another Xiaomi Mi Band 3i in India which bears an even smaller price tag. This smart wrist band costs a US equivalent of $18 only, although it is missing a heart rate sensor.

Xiaomi unveiled its Mi Band 4 back in summer of this year which received a very warm reception. However it was not, in any case, its last release of the year. Few days ago, an exclusive device made especially for India was released with few minor adjustments.

Back in 2018, Xiaomi did the same with the launch of Xiaomi Mi Band 3 when it unveiled Xiaomi Mi Band 2i along with it. The major feature which set Mi Band 2i apart from Mi Band 2 was the absence of a heart rate monitor. This absence of heart rate monitor, however, increases the battery life of Mi Band 2i by around three to even five days. Except for this, both bands are essentially identical and even run on same smartphone application.

Same is the case for Mi Band 3 and Mi Band 3i. The major difference that sets them apart is the absence of heart rate monitor in Mi Band 3i. Both have 0.78 inch AMOLED display with 128×80 pixels resolution for their black and white display. Functionalities include distance tracking, calories burnt, steps counter, sleep monitor and more. Both smart bands are water resistant for up to 50 meters and their battery life spans for around 20 days of use. Mi Band 2i was never released in European and American markets and we can expect the same for Mi Band 3i as well. May be Xiaomi believes a mere $10 drop in price might not sound very appealing to European and American consumers to give up on a heart rate monitor and may be it is right.

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