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Xiaomi Smart Glasses Specs & Features – Comes with 5-Megapixel camera!

Here’s all that we know about the new Xiaomi Smart Glasses Specs & Features. After Facebook and Ray-Ban launch their new elegant-looking pair of smart glasses, here comes a debut item by Xiaomi. The same item is going to directly compete with the Ray-Ban Stories! Comes with superb features as we have got to know, with a 5-Megapixel camera, calling and picture-taking options, and even navigation capabilities.

  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Offers real-time text translation
  • Supports XiaoAI AI assistant for voice commands
  • Uses microLED optical waveguide tech for display
  • Employs Augmented Reality to assist in navigation
  • Comes with 5-megapixel camera
  • Consists of a Quadcore ARM processor
  • Supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity

Xiaomi Smart Glasses With Calling, Photos, and Navigation Features Unveiled


Recently unveiled by Xiaomi, the Xiaomi smart glasses are an eye-wearable device. They look like a normal pair of shades, but it supports almost all the smart features possessed in these types of modern-day devices.

Weighing only 51 grams, these smart glasses are embedded with sensors and also an imaging system. They have a new type of technology for the display called MicroLED optical waveguide technology. This tech allows a clear display of messages and notifications in front of the eye. According to Xiaomi, MicroLEDs have a higher pixel density which allows for a compact display and a simpler screen integration.

The camera allows the user to take any picture in front of his eyes. Navigation can be done using AR technology and even text can be translated rapidly in a few minutes’ time! It can act as a teleprompter and offer real-time text and photo translations.

From the pictures revealed by Xiaomi, we get to know that the frame is squarish with a band running on top. Looks really cool, and the best part of the frame is that the band thickens on top of the ear. This enables it to comfortably sit upon the user’s ears. This thick part might also be responsible for housing sensors.

The new Xiaomi smart glasses employ XiaoAI AI assistant for voice commands, which is its primary interaction method. This lets the device filter the messages and notifications and displays only the ones of higher priority. For instance, daily alarms, messages from close contacts, urgent notifications from close office associates will be prioritized over other messages.
We just read about Xiaomi Smart Glasses Specs & Features, which really look promising! These new smart glasses will be available to all, but when they will be officially launched, that is unknown. Xiaomi has yet to officially announce its launching date, probably by the end of this year we will be hearing something about its arrival in the markets. As soon as we get to know its availability and estimated cost, we will definitely update you.

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