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Xiaomi Mi Watch Introduces Three New Ground Breaking Metrics


Xiaomi has not held back with its Xiaomi Mi Watch, as it has introduced a lot of brand new features and some of them are totally a new concept in global wearables market. Highly efficient Sleep Analysis, Sleep Coach and Sleep Detection are some of these features to name a few.

A smartwatch exclusively under the brand of Xiaomi, first of its kind, made its debut in Chinese wearables market only a few days ago. Not a lot is known about its launch in international market as of yet but we are hopeful to see it soon.

In its appearance, this smartwatch shares a lot with the Apple Watch and brings with it some very impressive specifications and features. Some of these features include a 4G LTE, eSIM cards, GPS connectivity, NFC, heart rate monitor and different sensors and monitors. This smart watch runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 and carries 1 gigabytes of RAM with 8 gigabytes of storage.

All these features make it really a high-end smartwatch for activity tracking and monitoring your health as well as fitness. Xiaomi has joined hands with Firstbeat in order to make more cutting-edge features to its consumers which could help them in improving their workouts, sleep insights and their overall lifestyles.

Users of this smartwatch will get many kinds of information ranging from Fitness Age, VO2MAX, Recovery Time Advisor, Aerobic Training Effect, Calories Burned, Body Resources and All Day Stress. Some features present in Xiaomi Mi Watch are just conventional for any smartwatch of today to have. Which means we can see those feature present in many or almost all smart watches present in present day wearables market. However, Xiaomi has also introduced three brand new features of Firstbead which have never been seen before.

Sleep Detection takes down data about your REM, sleep stages and minor awakenings within your sleep. Sleep Analysis studies the data provided by Sleep Detection and tells you about how well rested you are. Sleep Coach, as the name suggests, analyses the information by other two metrics and provides the user with valuable insights and suggestions to improve the quality of their sleep.