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Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 Specs, Features & Review

Here’s a complete analysis of Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 Specs, Features & Review. The Band is here in the market and is a step ahead of Band 5 in terms of features and quality of performance.


  • Full screen 1.56″ display
  • Choose between 60+ band displays
  • AMOLED display326 ppi
  • 30 fitness modes
  • Auto detection of six fitness modes
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Keeping track of ups and downs
  • SpO₂ tracking
  • Sleep breathing quality tracking
  • 50m water resistance *Can be worn while swimming
  • 14-day extra-long battery life
  • Battery saving mode for extended battery life
  • Magnetic charging – Direct charging, no need to remove the strap
It is very easy to personalize your Smart Band, the app has 60+ built-in band displays especially designed for the longer screen. These are clearly visible once you raise your wrist.


The Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 is capable of giving SpO₂ tracking, that is measure of oxygen supply in your blood. That is am important metric attached to the respiration system of the human body. Also, with this band you can analyze your breathing quality during sleep and track the type of sound sleep or REM sleep you are having each night. 

Sleep monitoring

The Smart Band keeps track of your sleeping pattern and will ecord the number of deep sleep hours versus slumber. It will provide you with systematic notifications and advice to improve your sleeping habits. 

24-hour smart heart rate monitoring

Keeping your health in mind, the built-in PPG biosensor measures your heart rate, keeping track of ups and downs when exercising and resting. Again, it will notify you if there’s any fluctuation from normal and advise you on how to better your physical regime.

More health functions

  • Fully understand your physical condition
  • Personal activity intelligence Personal activity intelligence is calculated using your sex, age, heart rate, and other data,and gives suggestions for activities that improve your score.
  • Stress monitoring Keeps track of your stress levels and suggests you how to recover from stress.
  • Breathing exercises Quickly guides you to a breathing exercise of 1–5 minutes’ duration.
  • Female health tracking Monitor the patterns of your cycle, log periods and track ovulation.


With 30 fitness modes, the Xiaomi Mi Band is like having a personal trainer on your wrist.New fitness modes include those for Zumba, Boxing, Basketball and HIIT. In fact, it automatically identifies if you are in a fitness mode like walking, running, physical exercise, jogging etc. 

50 meter water resistance

YOu can use your Mi Smart Band 6 in swimming pools or surfing on the beach. When swimming, choose between five different swimming styles for more accurate tracking.

Magnetic charging A battery that lasts only 5 days with heavy use, but can give you continuous use for 19 days if kept in power-saving mode.

You just read about the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 Specs, Features & Review. Looks like a promising gadget with excellent features that are present in all high-end fitness bands, gadgets, and trackers.


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