Tuesday, September 26, 2023

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Xiaomi Mi Band 4 available on Amazon now

Xiaomi has made an impact around the world not only in the industry of smartphones but wearables, wrist bands and smart watches as well. One of the biggest reasons for its early rise to popularity is its affordability. Xiaomi has targeted a huge demographic by producing a number of mid-range products with a lot of high-end features.

Just recently, Xiaomi made is Xaiomi Mi Band 4 available in international market by putting it on sale on Amazon. This activity band was already doing really well in Chinese wearable market. So good in fact that, in just over a week, it’s shipments amount to more than a million units. To put things in perspective, it is half the amount of time Xiami Mi Bands 3 took to get to a million unit sales only a year before. This twice as fast sales of units just in one year shows how far the brand has come in wearables market.

This figure is only going to get bigger now as the band has been made available in global market. Amazon stores in United States, Canada, United Kingdom and many other countries have started selling these Mi Bands. Even though this Mi band is a little costlier than the previous product in Mi Band series but this has not stopped the tech enthusiasts from getting their hands on it and neither does it have any effect on its sales. Many high end features were added to Mi Band 4 as well so the raise in price was expected as well.

Mi band 4 packs a lot of impressive feature including a 2.5D screen with 120p x 240p resolution and scratch-resistant glass and screen brightness of 450 nits. It also incorporates a 6-axis sensor with high precision as well as a very accurate heartbeat sensor. Speed, calories, distance, steps and others such measurements are taken much more accurately with the help of these sensors. It also offers sports modes in 6 different categories to assist you in training better.

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