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Xiaomi Mi Band 1S with heart rate monitor to be available soon

Xiaomi was long expected to update a new fitness band in its popular Mi Band lineup. Now, the wearable has officially been disclosed to the public.


The new wearable is named as Mi Band 1S. The new fitness band offers a range of amazing features and even a heart rate monitor. Let’s not forget that the ancestor Mi Band had to go through a lot of criticism for not having a heart rate monitoring tracker. The gadget is fairly limited in functionality: it measures your steps, calories, vaguely measures your sleep, unlock your phone and vibrate when you get a phone notification, but goes to little further depth.

The optical heart rate tracker is positioned at the bottom of the gadget, facing towards the user’s hand. The new tracker makes the device a complete activity tracker which already included step counter and sleep monitor. The features of the previous band like; vibrating/LED notifications have also been added to the new band. The Mi Band 1S can also unlock your phone when in reaching limit.

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The new model is slightly heavier than the previous one and weighs half gram more than the 5.0 of the Mi Band. Also, the measurements of Mi Band 1S are slightly changed with; 37 x 13.6 x 9.9mm. So, if you had a previous version of the fitness band and you have bracelets of different color to pair with; than they are of no use to the new band. The previous band measured 36 x 14 x 9mm; the change is slight but obvious. The new band also has IP67 rating so it offers you both water and dust protection.


Having a heart rate monitor on board will naturally be taking a toll on the battery life, so expectations are that the Mi Band 1S will have lower battery life than the original. The same 45mAh battery is initially included in the device.

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The new Mi Band 1S is expected to have price of CNY99 ($16). The most attractive feature of this fitness band lineup is its affordable price range; so it definitely makes you stop and think about buying. The Band will be available in China starting November 11.

As for the previous version, sales of the Xiaomi Mi Band reached 3.1 million in the second quarter of 2015. The company has just reduced the price from $12.5 (79 yuan) to $11 (69 yuan). The price drop further indicates the launch of  the new Mi Band 1S.

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