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Xiaomi launches ’90 Minutes Ultra Smart Sportswear Shoes’ powered by Intel Technology!



Xiaomi is a company which a potential of boosting a product portfolio. This Chinese company has expanded its range of products even further, since now it has launched its smart shoes which are powered by Intel Technology. The exact name of their product is, ’90 minutes Ultra Smart Sportswear’ shoes. Theses smart shoes come with Intel’s Curie chip which provides the user with information of traveled distance, number of steps, speed and that how many calories has the user burnt.

These smart shoes by Xiaomi, developed by Shanghai Runmi Technology Co Ltd, come with 60 days of battery life and also have Intel’s chip which is responsible for storing all information related to fitness. This Intel chip is so small that while running you will hardly know about it. Theses shoes are currently aimed at professional athletes or runners. The come with anti-skid features and arch design, too.

Theses shoes are also able to detect any sort of movement and could be used for running, walking or even climbing. The are available in Surf Blue and Black color, for men. The come in Black and Pink color for women. There is also a special ‘blue edition’ and the unique feature of this edition is that it glows in dark. Those who prefer running at night, will definitely opt for the special blue edition. Although they look just like our regular shoes.

In addition, it also comes with an antibacterial removable insole and air cushions. These shows use a foam like material for an extra comfort which soaks in the impact generated when your foot hits the ground during a running session.

It should be noted that these shows are currently available only in China. The site mentions the availability of Xiaomi’s 90 minutes ultra smart sportswear shoes starting from April 15. The pre-booking for the shows could also be done at 299 Yuan.