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Xiaomi Has Started a Crowdfunding Campaign for a $14 Smartwatch


Tech Giant based in China, Xiaomi has established a crowd funding campaign for a budget smartwatch supposedly named Haylou LS01. This timepiece looks a lot like Apple Watch but it is only priced at 99.9 Yuan which is a rough equivalent of 14 US Dollars only.

Haylou LS01 can be brought online from Youpin platform. And just as its name suggests, this smartwatch is developed by a third party manufacturer Haylou which is a partner of Xiaomi.

This Apple Watch look alike has a 1.3 inch dial size with square display of 240×240 pixels resolution and measly 34 grams of body weight. Its side dimensions measure up to 40.9mm x 35.7mm x 11.6mm and its band is 25.33 millimetres wide with soft and smooth silicon build. It is available in both silver and black variants.

The prime functionality of this watch revolves around fitness and training as it offers round the clock activity tracking features. It measures distance covered, steps taken, calories burnt, heart rate and spits out sleep reminders when necessary. It also offers 9 sports modes which include running, cycling, hiking, treadmill, Fitness, walking, mountain climbing, yoga and spinning. This date is presented to you on the smartwatch itself but if you choose to, you can also view it on an accompanying application of Haylou Support on Android and iOS.

Haylou LS01 show notification and alerts of calls and messages. This smartwatch carries in itself a battery with 210 mAH capacity that can keep it running for two weeks before needing a charge. An IP68 rating of water proofing makes it safe to use in rain but no more than that. This means that unfortunately you can not go for a swim while wearing this watch.

As mentioned above, This smartwatch only costs 99.9 Yuan and this impressive price tag makes it inexpensive even for the standards in China.