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Xensr Wave Replay Tracks Surfers With GPS Capabilities


Surfing is one of the fun plus the most played sports in the world. However, we need to take some certain precautions while playing this water sports. This is why, the Xensr Wave Replay mounts to your surfboard to make your game better than ever.

Xensr Wave Replay turns the Xensr Air 3D GPS into the most accurate yet a complete surf tracking devices on the market. Every turn hit and the air experienced during the surfing is analyzed in detail by the Wave in 3D. The Xensr Air, in turn, is also the only tracker with the ability to measure swell height.

With the help of the Air GPS, the users can collect a large amount of surfing data. Xensr Wave Replay, when paired with Xensr Air, can collect the fastest speed per wave, a number of waves, length of each wave ridden with a surfboard, paddle time and surf time, and the swell height etc. In the end, all the data collected by the GPS can be observed as well as the users can see the 3D replay of the board motion.

CEO, David Troup in press release stated:

“Wave Replay does what no other tracker can do. Mounted to the board instead of the wrist, Xensr Air sees everything the rider does. Wave Replay breaks down sessions into the vital stats a surfer wants to see. Surfers can identify their best take-off points and more using the Wave Replay map for unique swell conditions helping them improve for their next session.”

Apart from collecting the entire athlete’s data, Xensr Wave Replay has the ability to help scientists and climatologists receive the relevant data for many types of research.

Troup also stated:

“Wave height environmental data isn’t just for surfers. It is crucially important for Earth scientists and climatologists. Xensr Wave Replay turns every surfer into a wave data buoy that is constantly monitoring and reporting on the status of the oceans. We’re crowdsourcing data collection which is needed for the climate modelers and scientists.”

Coming to the Xensr Air, it is an effective GPS tracking system. 3D GPS uses GPS signals accompanied with aerospace grade inertial measurement sensors and combines that data sending it to the TruMotion processor engine. It means that the Air builds an instant view of the performance of the athlete just with the help of GPS. This is one thing; no other device or GPS system is capable of doing. All the data and statistics are collected on the Xensr app and can be viewed on My.Xensr.com.

The Xensr air makes it possible for the other wearable to take a back seat. When paired with Wave Replay both can provide the surfers with all the data they need to make their game effective and efficient. It can help athletes prepare for their water tournament and sports. However, those who are the fan of current wearable fad can relax. Xensr’s AndroidWear App can operate on any AndroidWear watch that supports Bluetooth 4.1. And for the data, Xensr’s data files work with Strava, Endomondo, MapMyFitness, Google Earth and more.

Xensr Air 3D GPS with Wave Replay is priced at $249.95 on Xensr’s website as well as in-store at select retailers.

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