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XEED -A Parkinson’s Wearable By UPenn’s Students

Wearables and health go hand in hand. What’s becoming the most advantageous point of this tech is that it is turning out to be fruitful for people with various diseases. Sugar and Tremor patients have already benefited from this tech and Parkinson’s in underway.

University of Pennsylvania’s engineering seniors has invented a device which may be helpful in controlling the Parkinson’s disease. Alfredo Muniz and Sade Oba have developed a wearable which can detect tremors for Parkinson’s patients.

XEED -A Parkinson's Wearable By UPenn's Students
Using algorithms developed for controlling robotic arms, the XEED bands can work out the angles of a user’s shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees.

The engineering students’ duo has already started their venture in the form of a startup called as XEED. The students have already made plans with various foundations in order to keep this project going. A video uploaded on UPenn’s site by Oba stated;

“XEED is a company that’s focusing on improving physical therapy for those with Parkinson’s disease.”

The XEED band will have different sensors which, with the help of algorithms will track the tremors of an individual from ankle or wrist. Moreover, movements of other parts of the body can also be detected and recorded with the help of a connected app.

XEED -A Parkinson's Wearable By UPenn's Students
Muniz and Oba combined insights from mechanical and electrical engineering to develop their motion-tracking bands.

After collecting all the data, a medical professional or therapist can use to track the progress of their patient. All the data can help Parkinson’s patients to figure out how to best manage the disease all day long. The researchers can also utilize the data in order to make advancements in the respective field.

The team is currently under way in creating a third working prototype of the XEED wearable. The prototype will be tested by monitoring how the device is put on, whether the LED indicators are helpful or not. It will also indicate if the wearers remember to charge the wearable and to use the Smartphone app for their purpose or not.

XEED -A Parkinson's Wearable By UPenn's Students

XEED is still in the production phase and in the constant modification process. If this device makes it way to the public, a lot of patients and Doctors would be able to benefit from it. The project sounds quite promising and shows how better a future for these genius students can be!

You can read more about the engineering and production of this device here.

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