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X2 Biosystem Announces Next-Gen X-Patch Pro Head Impact Monitor

X2 Biosystem Announces Next-Gen X-Patch Pro Head Impact Monitor

X2 Biosystem concussion sensor surfaced in 2014. The sensor soon became popular among both professional and college sports players. After riding high on success, the company is again introducing the next generation wearable monitor after nearly two years.

X-Patch Pro by X2 Biosystems is a wearable head impact monitor which was introduced at the 13th MIT Sloan Healthcare and Bio-Innovations Conference, which took place from February 26th to 29th.The X-Patch Pro is the successor of the previous, X-Patch. The first generation X-Patch, as mentioned above, became popular instantly. The sports community used and appreciated the new form of technology in 2012.

Moreover, in 2015,this head patch became the most tested head impact monitoring device around the globe. Various different studies are already conducted on the device. X-Patch was used in different practices and gaming sessions. It was analyzed from the results that the wearable helped to reduce head impacts and other injuries by 30%-70%.

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X2 Biosystem Announces Next-Gen X-Patch Pro Head Impact Monitor

X-Patch Pro is built on the same monitoring system the Patch was built on. There are many significant and big modifications in the wearable, too. The Pro version is not only more technologically advanced, it is also lighter and smaller in size. The X-Patch Pro encourages the use in the range of sports and activities. It can be worn directly on skin or as a part of nearly any helmet or protective headgear.

The wearable collects all the important data relevant to head impacts and store it in X2 Biosystems’ Impact Management System App with the help of Bluetooth. You can later analyze the data closely. In case of potential injuries the data can be viewed in real time by the trainers, coaches and doctors for understanding the real impact and extent of injuries.

X2 Biosystems CEO John Ralston is excited about the product and he think this wearable will change the way sports players conceive injuries. In order to make wearable affordable for all he has also decided to reduce the price of the X-Patch Pro. He noted that;

“We’re excited about the launch of the X-Patch Pro because it enables an important shift in focus…to modifying athletes’ behavior in a way that significantly reduces the risks and incidence of concussion injuries happening in the first place.”

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X2 Biosystem Announces Next-Gen X-Patch Pro Head Impact Monitor

X-Patch Pro will be helping for those parents who prohibit their children from playing hard-core sports in the case of injuries. It will provide them with the confidence and health surety. X2 Biosystems is hoping to help start a new wave of monitoring that is both affordable and effective. X-Patch Pro has a database of more than 5.5 million records of head impacts and it will help bring change in habits of the players to prevent high-impact head injuries so athletes, coaches, and doctors no longer have to worry about the health risks.

X-Patch Pro will be released to the public in the second quarter of 2016.

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