Tuesday, December 5, 2023

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Wyze ready to launch its first ever Smart Watch

Not too long ago, Wyze entered the smart wearable market with the launch of Wyze band. It was a smart fitness band to be worn around the wrist. Reports are suggesting that Wyze is looking to enter the Smart Watch market now with an Apple Watch look-alike Smart Watch. Documentations at Federal Communication Commission (FCC) are supporting these reports.

There have been many Smart Watches entering the smart wearables market, specially in last two years, that resemble Apple Watch in more than one way. And as things are right now, we can expect to see more in the near future. Wyze is all ready to play its part in this as well. Documentation at FCC from 19th of this November this year, reveal that the shape of this device will be rectangular with one physical button present on it. It will be available in 44 millimeters screen size. The documentation also reveals that the watch will come with a heart rate sensor as well, which is basically standard equipment for any modern-day Smart Watch.

A listing in Bluetooth SIG is also available for this Smart Watch which reveals that the Smart Watch will also have another larger size variant which will come in 47 millimeters size dimensions.

Wyze also launched a Smart Fitness Band a few months ago as well, making its way into the smart wearables market. This smart fitness band comes with 0.95 inch screen size with AMOLED Display with colorful interface, integration with Alexa, basic activity tracking sensors. This smart band was launched with the price of $25. A smart scale was also released this year by Wyze as well which costed $19.99 only. This smart scale has Bluetooth connectivity and works with 12 different kinds of metrics for as many as 8 users, each of which it recognizes automatically.

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