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Would it be cool if your headphones give you an Olympic Athlete trainer?

Athletes always want the best for themselves. Who does not want to get trained by the best? Well, not every player has the chance to be guided by the sports industry’s maestros. But there might be a chance for passionate and enthusiastic athletes to make their dreams a reality. This is because a new wearable has banged into the sports wearable industry.

Would it be cool oif your headphones give you an Olympic Athlete trainer?

The wearable in consideration is the Kuai Multisport Biometric Headphones from Kuaiwear. The company has just created a wonderful in-ear biometric sensing technology specifically for athletes. Kuai first introduced these headphones in the most popular event of the year- The Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

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This wearable is unique because it provides you with an opportunity, no wearable has ever provided. The Kuai headphones will integrate live voice coaching of the famous Olympic athletes. Selected training plans will be available to be heard by the wearers. Moreover, the headphone also contains an accelerometer and a heart rate sensor. With the help of the two features, you will be able to create your own professional training plan if you are preparing for your own Olympic debut.

Would it be cool oif your headphones give you an Olympic Athlete trainer?

Another plus point of this wearable is that you won’t have to wear it on your wrist, waist, neck or forearm like the mainstream wearables available nowadays. The kuai sit right onto your head and combine sport watch, heart rate monitor, virtual coach and foot pod all into one. You will also be able to listen music when you are not up for some serious coaching stuff.

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Kuai headphones use biometric technology to combine all your health essentials to improve your sports performance. Also, you can install different plans for swimming, running, marathons, cycling, and triathlons to the headphones directly. The waterproof headphones are the brainchild of the Duke University experts. You can select your own fitness levels and goals to keep a check on your progress and health capabilities.

Would it be cool oif your headphones give you an Olympic Athlete trainer?

Kuaiwear CEO Carlos Marco Rider in a statement said that;

“Kuai serves an unmet need in the market for a device that coaches users during exercise by providing professional training plans and live voice-coaching feedback. Working closely with a team of scientists, we developed a device that provides mindful and actionable data specifically generated in response to each user’s biometric data. No other product on the market combines all of these features into one simple wearable.”

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Kuai also has the option to receive data and information from other wearables and Smartphones. That would be received with the help of ANT+, Bluetooth and bike sensors. No launch date for the Kuai headphones has been announced yet. However, you can order them from the company’s official website. It is expected that the headphones would ship sometime early this year.


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