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World’s Smallest “Sensing Module” Is The Entry Way For Next -Gen wearables


Heptagon has claimed that it has managed to manufacture the world’s smallest sensing module. The tiny module has a complete lens system with light sensor and illuminator electronics all fitted inside a small body. The claim is definitely true because the entire module is just 350 micrometers thick and covers the surface of just 2mm².

Just so you don’t miss it, Heptagon has also claimed that the new sensing module is four times thinner than a US one cent coin. Interesting Enough? If we compare the Heptagon’s new production with the other similar products available, the other such technologies are around whooping 40% thicker.

In order to keep the size and the dimensions minimalist, the company has used the “wafer-level” miniaturisation technology. This technology was the main aspect of the Heptagon’s efforts in creating the tiny system-in-a-package sensors for mobile and wearable devices. The company has further claimed that this is due to the size that the module is highly preferable for the next-generation mobile devices and the wearable tech we see today.

The sensing module is capable of providing proximity sensing capabilities and advanced contact to all the high-end gadgets. Apart from the mentioned, there will be hidden buttons underneath the tiny body which will be used in health monitoring systems and intelligent keyless access systems for things like car doors.

Due to the patented wafer-level manufacturing methods, Heptagon is already manufacturing the modules in the higher level. Hartmut Rudmann, senior vice president of engineering at Heptagon in his statement said that;

We are excited to be taking our sensor technologies to an all-new level. By combining proprietary design and processes in solution development for these significantly thinner sensors, we’re enabling greater design flexibility with reduced form factor and improved aesthetics for mobile and wearable devices seeking slimmer profiles, such as smart watches.

“It is now possible to spread out more sensors in a device to increase coverage or for a more accurate reading.”

Sure enough, the new sensing modules are opening new doors for the upcoming technologies. Apart from the use in Mobile Phones and car doors, the main benefit of the technology will be noticed in the wearable technology. Due to the already small design of the wearable devices; it would be easy to operate them in a more suitable way. We, finally, will be able to achieve our dream of wearing the wearable stunners without even feeling them.

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