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Moov – One of the first fitness wearable device

We are living in an era where we are suddenly obsessed with every kind of wearable. Be it Apple’s or Samsung’s latest smartwatch or FitBit’s fitness monitor that is going to pour your entire health span in just a small wrist attachment.

Certainly these are something big but we need some intelligent wearables to make our life comfortable not just a petty show-off.

MOOV- A fitness tracker was launched last year. Just in a year’s span it has become the world’s first actual fitness regime. It offers real and accurate data experience regarding your health and well-being.

Smart to wear, smart to look-MOOV!
Smart to wear, smart to look-MOOV!

Moov initially tracks your whole body movements. It than analyze your data and gives you feedback. This tracker can easily guess and look through various difficult sports including cycling, running, swimming, walking, boxing etc.

These all the specification along with ton of new features like sensors that can accurately track your precise movements in 3D are a part of Moov Now. Moov Now is second generations Moov watch which was released exactly one month from now; 15th August 2015.

The Moov fitness band is worthy of remembering every minute details and like your running stride or swimming stroke. It has 12 scientifically guided workouts. As mentioned above, the band tracks all the movements and motions in 3D slot.

The band is made of hardware which is composed of three sensors. They are an accelerometer, a magnetometer and a gyroscope. The magnetometer measures direction while gyroscope is basically used to detect the rotation cycle properly.

The Moov Now has an ability to connect and compete with friends, bolstering your courage and providing you healthy competition. It is also water and dustproof. The band has a decent battery life of 6 month on a solo charge.

There is an app along with the tracker band to tell you about the right form, push your speed, and remind you of your heart rate while you work out. It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

On the overwhelming success of the band Erick McAfee, the Head of Business Development at Moov said that that first-gen Moov when entered sale on Amazon received a lot of positive reviews and swarms of appreciations. He also said that people fall in love with the band and started to wear it in their everyday routine. Many people also demanded that a new version should be released which is lighter and easy to carry.

“Moov Now is 44% smaller and 20% faster than Moov, comes in four different colors, and has a battery life that lasts half a year.”

It should be kept in mind that Moov is the only wearable that can distinguish between all swim -strokes (four) and has nearly 200 ways of instructing to workout. McAfee explained its importance as;

“With Moov Now, your workout grows with you. You can start slow and unlock higher, more challenging levels as you become fitter and stronger. Moov Now tracks your daily activity to see if you’ve achieved your workout plans.”

It will not be wrong to say that Moov has become your very own personal e-trainer. No need of gyming and sports instructor at all. Just tuck your band, perform your activity and note what it says. The company’s management also claims that there are many improved versions of the same product in lineup. More and more sports will be incorporated so more and more people are benefited by it. A good marketing strategy, it will definitely lure people to buy the start-up versions.

Moov Now is up for the pre-order on its website. A single band costs $59. While there are deals like, $99 for two, or a family pack for $49.99 per person.

So what are you waiting for? Make your order if you are interested in this product.


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