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World’s first smartBat for Baseball and softball players up on kickstarter

World’s first smartBat for Baseball and softball players up on kickstarter


RIP-IT, a Florida based company, is insistent on providing the appropriate material and wearables for baseball and softball games. The company has made its motive to change the feature of the two game sectors with its unique technologies and products since 2003.

Rip has now introduced its first smart product. Rip-It has launched its first Kickstarter funding campaign for a hi-tech bat. The proper name of the new baseball bat is SmartBAT.

SmartBAT is a stunning piece of technology. It clearly indicates the increasing innovation standards of low-level games. The SmartBAT looks like the normal bat that are used in the respective games. But, it merges the sports product with electronic and 3D printing technology.

The bat will provide the hitter with the exact data of the hit, time interval and efficiency between different hits. Moreover, it will provide in-depth analysis of the swing speed and contact analytics for each swing and hit performed by the player.

The reason to manufacture this bat is to provide baseball and softball players with the instant feedback. The idea of this product is quite rejuvenating; as both the game areas it serves, have been neglected at all. The smartBAT further provides with the state of the art training practices to those who are not interested in having a personal trainer.

The smartBAT consistently compiles the data from time to time. After some period, a player can look through his data to see if the skills and statistics have improved or not.

Numbers of different prototypes are already built by the company. After a long struggle, Rip selected the final version which works through quarter-sized electronic board.

The board is encrusted in the bat’s handle. It has been 3D printed specifically to protect the technology. After all of your information is collected on the electronic circuit board, the data is synced to the connected Smartphone.

The Smartphone uses an algorithm to translate the provided data in various different sets of information. The data displayed to you will be listed in categories like; quality of contact, swing speed, swing angle, and number of swings. You can see your analysis via a user-friendly interface.

The smartBAT doesn’t need your prep settings. If we are to believe the claims of the company, its website states that the bat can be used “right out of the box.” You just have to start playing, swing the bat and then you are done. Now you can understand your performance from time to time; as it is conveyed to you. The data is captured at a rate of 1000 data points per second.

Due to the Bluetooth Low Energy, your smartBAT can run for a whole week without charging. But, when your bat is drained of battery, it can be refilled very easily by putting it on an attachment over the 3D printed knob that encases the electric board. The charging attachment can also be connected by a USB cable to a power source and features a charging indicator light.

Rip-It’s final prototype has been up on kickstarter since 19th November. The company has a goal of $30,000. The interested customers can donate till December 17th, 2015.

If the goal is accomplished by Rip, than the manufacturing of the smartBat will begin soon. For now, the company is provoking baseball and softball fans to generously donate and participate to promote the bat. The company has also promised its initial backers; that they will have a chance to provide their feedback. Moreover, donors will also get a chance to share their ideas which can help improve the product.

SmartBAT has 48 backers till now with total of $7,207 already pledged. You can also see all the details on the Kickstarter page for smartBat- Baseball and Softball training bat.

So, all the baseball and softball players, if you like the idea of the smartBat than back it for yourself too!


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