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The World’s First Modular Smartwatch, BLOCKS Is Here

Where everything is about customisation and diversity, it can be hard to be satisfied with one device. It seems impossible for a single device to cater to everyone’s needs and to adapt itself according to each person’s hobbies, preferences and profession. This is what makes Blocks’ smart watch really exciting.

Blocks, a London tech-based company, claims to offer a smart watch that can be all things to all people. It brings the first ever, innovative, modular technology to a smart watch. It takes customisation to new levels. It lets you choose features and designs that are best suited to your way of life.

The idea behind modular devices is that you can alter it according to the need of your moment and even design newer modules to work the way you want.

The stopwatch comes with a core and straps that works like a regular stopwatch.  The modules can be purchased separately and can be attached to the core with a simple “click”.

Blocks core is a fully functional smart watch with gyroscope, pedometer and accelerator which provides highly sensitive movement detection. It has Bluetooth connectivity and Wi-Fi. It also comes with an e-compass.

The smart watch runs on Android Marshmallow but it is compatible with both iPhone and Android.

Even this early in production, Blocks smart watch has a wide variety of modules ranging from stress level module to ECG monitor module to Adventure module, just to name a few.  BLOCKS already have 1500 developers from its Kickstarter project who are willing to develop apps for individual electronic modules. Among one of the few starter modules, one of them is an extra battery one which gives 20% battery life to your watch which might be very appealing to some users. Other modules include sim card module, contactless payment module, finger print module, flash memory, GPS module, heart rate module and camera module.

The core watch along with 4 additional modules can be pre-ordered online at $390 from BLOCKS store. It is also available in 3 colours – red, black and white. Users can wear 4 modules at a time (or more if you have a larger wrist).


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