We have seen the transition from Smartphones to Smartwatches and than finally to the full-fledged wearable world. Now, wearables are also immersing into Virtual Reality to give the users a best gaming and VR experience ever. And, this is why we are introducing you to Woojer today.

Hello World! Meet Woojer Vest, it will shake up your VR experience like never before

“Woojer Vest is a location specific haptic vest. The powerful immersive haptic sensation delivers the ultimate gaming and VR experience.”

What Woojer actually does is that it has a set of six haptic transducers hidden into the vest. While, covering your chest, the transducers play the sound ranging on frequencies between 0 and 500Hz.

It means that, even though you are playing the games virtually; the frequencies generated will portray sensations that would immerse the user into a real-world physical interaction like feeling. This is why the transducers have been strategically placed throughout the upper body, in the form of vest, on sensitive meridian points.

Hello World! Meet Woojer Vest, it will shake up your VR experience like never before

By playing the sounds in time with your game, the frequencies can offer sensations that should mirror real-world physical interactions, with the transducers placed near your body’s sensitive “meridian points”.

Woojer is also designing a SDK to facilitate developers to create haptic content that can be used in music and movies too. A fun, body-vibrating, audio library will be launched which will have 400 sound effects.

Woojer Vest is currently under production phase. No details on the pricing have been revealed yet, however, the company has offered a 30% discount on the final cost to the early-bird registrations. Woojer intends to send its Vest to hit the market by the end of this year.