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Workout Anywhere, Anytime and Anyway With Nomax

GoWOA™ has come up with a new, sports wearable which is your own portable gym. Nomax is an easy-to-carry, outdoor use body exercise belt which is capable of providing both resistance and suspension.

The wearable is meant for those who are fed up from gym hassle and routines. You won’t have to depend on a specific trainer or a location to make yourself fit. The Nomax belt is capable of providing initial 140lbs of adjustable resistance and 6 feet of adjustable suspension.

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Workout Anywhere, Anytime and Anyway With Nomax

Nomax easily sets up in seconds. Therefore, you need not to worry about strict seeming workouts. GoWOA which is the parent behind the product stands for Go Workout Anywhere. So, if you want to use it in a Gym, sure you can too. You can also assist others to perform better with the help of this device.

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Nomax is just buckled and you have to choose your own resistance or suspension onto any supportive structure and begin. A single Normax bundle will have an expected price of $219. However, the kickstarter backers will have to lose $154 only. A single bundle includes Nomax belt in size of your choice, (2) 6ft adjustable suspension cords, (2) detachable handles, 140 lbs of adjustable resistance, (4) attachment devices, GoWOA bracelet, GoWOA™ Tank in desirable size and a user manual.

If you are interested in your personal workout, portable gym than back it on the kickstarter now.

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