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Women Exclusive Defensive Armor For Contact Sports

RÉVÈLE is a Paris based brand that specializes in women sports gear. RÉVÈLE has recently been campaigning a very interesting product on Indiegogo – the Revelia.

Revelia is a comfortable and functional protective armour for female athletes who play contact sports such as rugby, boxing, roller derby etc. before Revelia, these women were either purchasing their gear from men’s or children’s section or the ones available exclusively for women didn’t fit their physique.

Revelia fits into female shoulders and chest so comfortably that it feels like a second skin only. It is lightweight yet protects from heavy injuries and bruising. It is based on a soft and flexible shock absorption technology.

According to Revele co-founder Laetitia Pingel, “We have developed the first bust protection, specifically designed for the female morphology, and practice of contact sports.”

The product is still being crowdfunded and needs y’all women to back it up.


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