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Wocket Is The First Wearable Gear For The Golfers!

Most of the sports nowadays have their own gear that supports the players in their performance. The only sport deprived of this perk was golf, but not now. Inspired by the reality of play, Wocket gear is the everyday style for golf players.

Wocket has designed a pant that looks, feels and is comfortable. It addresses all the real problems of the game which a golf player faces. There is a discrete pocket with a built in microfiber towel. This means that you won’t have to reach separately for your towel, every other time. The towel is easily cleaned and dried so there is no factor causing you any trouble.

Wocket Is The First Wearable Gear For The Golfers!

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There are many other advanced features like marker magnet and an ergonomic glove grip that helps you keep the messy golf game together and moving along during play. Wocket will liberate your play from distraction, improve pace and flow, and maintain hand and equipment integrity quickly and conveniently.

Wocket bottoms come in two fabric options: Performance Tech and Performance Cotton. Both will stretch, give in the right places, and move well into the night. The fabrics are so light and soft that you won’t even feel them because they are easy to grab, dry, wipe, clean, even groove.

Wocket Is The First Wearable Gear For The Golfers!

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The performance tech option resists dirt and moisture and has great hand feel, wicks and is anti-microbial for multiple wears without washing. The towel could certainly be used for other sports, too, like tennis, where a dry grip is a must. Use the towel and throw it back into the pocket or let it hang. It’s up to you. You can also wash the towel along with the pant and there is no hassle in it.

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