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Withings Move ECG: ECG Watch Monitors

Withings Move ECG: ECG Watch Monitors

Apple series 4 watches was widely appreciated it was the first ever watch with an ECG app. Short for electrocardiogram, an ECG records the electrical activity of your heart to indicate whether or not you might be suffering from atrial fibrillation (ABfib), a heart problem experienced by a quarter of the population at some point in their life, and which can lead to life-threatening complications. This though was a smart watch and multiple other functions worth its $399 price tag. Withings Move ECG gives us the solution. The app can prove to be helpful for heart patients and should remain under a decent range for the common man.

The ECG Monitor

Withing Move ECG is a hybrid which has an analogue display. But includes accelerometers and a Bluetooth connection for tracking movements, steps, swimming, exercise and sleep. This also is the most affordable health care companion available now. The data is then featured on Withing’s free smart-phone app – Withing’s Health Mate available for android and iOS.

The Move ECG is like Withings Move. The only difference being the newer version does nit have a heart rate monitor. Though on a priority list ECG falls much higher than merely knowing the heart rate. Withings was directed towards sports aid. While this is directed towards underlying health issue.

The Design

The watch appears to have a very classy and traditional design with just button to the side. Press once for monitoring steps and press longer for ECG report. The case remains plastic while the rear is made of stainless steel, all of this is sported by a silicon strap.

How It Works

The headline feature is, of course, the ECG function. This is very similar to the Apple Watch Series 4, whereby the wearable touches one side of your body via the back of its case sitting against your wrist, and the other via the finger of your opposite hand. By touching the wrist of one arm and the fingers of the other, a circuit is created, and the watch can record the electrical activity of your heart.

For ECG, briefly press the button. The watch vibrates for a moment and the step-counting hand turns to 100; you then place your thumb and index finger on the metal bezel of the watch case and keep still while the hand counts down from 30 seconds to zero. The watch vibrates again to indicate that the ECG is complete, and the data can be viewed instantly in the Health Mate app.

The data collected is saved as a pdf file to be provided to the doctor when need be.

Through and through the wearable is very convenient with its 12-month battery life and traditional yet comfortable design the watch brings us a compact healthcare companion.

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