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Withings Manages to Raise $60 million to Enlarge its Platform for Remote Monitoring of the Patients

Withings is working on and trying to make the interaction between doctor and consumer a lot easier. If it goes to plan, annual checkups will become outdated. Withings is focused on this task so much that it has raised 60 million dollars in funds for Series B.

This financial venture was lead with the support of Gilde Heathcare, which is a renowned investor of healthcare technology in Europe. Other big investors included names like Idinvest Partners, who have partnered with Withings for long now. Bpifrance were also involved as well amongst other.

These funds will help in scaling up this venture. An additional staff of 100 members is also being considered to be recruited in France and Untied States of America. This will help in expanding business-to-business division in Withings MED Pro.

It is a Remote Platform for Patient Monitoring which acts as an intermediate between patients and professionals of healthcare. It can help in managing chronic diseases like cardiac conditions, diabetes, sleep, hypertension and other conditions remotely.

“I strongly believe in technology’s ability to transform society’s health by allowing anyone to regularly monitor their vitals from home and involve health professionals in this process,” stated Eric Carreel “Today, we are in an exciting time where medicine is becoming personalized, continuous, and based on data analysis, and I am proud Withings is at the heart of this revolution. With funding from like-minded partners, we can scale our efforts globally and continue to invest in new technologies and AI tools that can detect and predict medical conditions.” Mr.Carreel is the President of Withings and also its cofounder.

The system makes use of the information take down by a range of devices connected to the patient. A smartphone application synchronises all the information gathered through it and makes sense of the data.

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