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Withings Introduces ScanWatch: A hybrid Smartwatch with SpO2 and ECG

Whithings has introduced its next big smartwatch in CES 2020. This is Hybrid Smartwatch brings in itself SpO2 and ECG features as Withings claims this smartwatch will assist in early diagnosis of undetected cardiovascular conditions and issues related to sleep.

Cardiovascular conditions include erratic rhythm of heart beats which create a serious threat of heart attack and its failure. Atrial Fibrillation, as it is called, does not have many apparent symptoms. Therefore, it goes under the radar and remains undiagnosed often. Dizziness, fatigue and weakness are few of the symptoms of this conditions but these can be caused by anything.

This hybrid smartwatch is incorporated with a PPG sensor which spots any irregular or erratic behaviour in rhythm of heart beats. If any irregularity is detected, the user is prompted to undergo an ECG (electrocardiogram). This is done by watch itself, with the help of electrodes present on it. All you have to do is to touch the bezel on both sides. The watch takes more or less 30 seconds to work. We have seen similar kind of technology being used in Move ECG. ScanWatch can be brought across Europe however Withings is seeking go-ahead call from regulators in United States.

“ScanWatch is our most ambitious medical tracker and purposely designed to detect the early presence of AFib and sleep apnea – two related issues that are extremely common yet largely undiagnosed, despite their known impact on multiple health conditions,” Mathieu Letombe said, Chief Executive Officer of Withings “Worn throughout the day and night, ScanWatch provides an early warning system, collecting and sharing critical health data with users and their physicians.”

ScanWatch also carries SpO2 feature which lets it measure the level of oxygen present in the blood of the wearer. Two size variants of the watch have been confirmed so far. Smaller one has a 38mm diameter while the larger one spans 42mm. Both of these smartwatches last up to 30 days on battery after a full charge.

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