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Withings Go, An E-Ink fitness tracker

If you are tired of charging your fitness trackers then look no further because the battery on this new e-ink wearable device last for 8 months and is only £50 in UK.


So what do you lose and what so special about this wearable device! Well, the only real difference is that it does not have any fancy colored screen, instead it uses e-ink display (kind of similar to Amazon Kindle e-Reader). With this e-ink technology, you can even read the data in sun-light. Furthermore, you can keep this wearable device as a key-chain, or attach it to a belt-loop or a hand cuff or perhaps wear it as a watch. It will come in five colors: black, red, green, blue or yellow.go-app

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The fitness tracker can be used for your casual walking, running, swimming (water-resistant up to 50 meters) or sleeping to monitor your sleep!

The only drawback is that it is not available to buy or we would have already ordered it for our team! though, you can register your interest on Withings website.

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