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WiseWear- A Smart Jewelry For Smart Women

WiseWear- A Smart Jewelry For Smart Women

WiseWear- A Smart Jewelry For Smart Women

Smart watches and Smart Jewelries are attracting audience more intensely everyday. As we move away from smart watches, we are seeing more and more individuals looking at more attractive and sexier option to track their fitness. We have number of brands which promises us to deliver the best quality jewelry with some amazing features. One of such is WiseWear.

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WiseWear has launched its “Socialite Collection”. The Socialite consists of the range of Sleek and absolutely beautiful looking Smart wearable Jewelry. This range of bracelets has combined fitness, trend and beauty all in one perfectly. Not only, can you wear the bracelets casually; but they are also perfect to go with any formal wearing you want.

WiseWear- A Smart Jewelry For Smart Women

The Socialite Collection consists of the three different styled bracelets. Firstly, the yummy looking “Calder”, the complete ostentatious beauty “The Kingston” and as the name suggests “The Duchess”. The trio is priced at $299.95

For those who are thinking that why should we choose these bracelets, when we have number of other similar options available in the market for less price. Well, we are not advocating the Socialite range, but it truly is one of its kind. Here are few of the plus points:

TRACKS YOUR ACTIVITY WITHIN NO TIME:WiseWear- A Smart Jewelry For Smart Women

The Socialite collection is best under this area. It provides you a complete insight on your health, fitness and wellbeing. Apart from tracking steps, it also tracks your calories burned, the distance traveled, the time you spent active and the time you spent inactive etc.

Apart from this; the bracelet also collects the biometric data which helps you to better understand the dynamics of your body.


WiseWear- A Smart Jewelry For Smart Women

Now, you won’t have to worry about any emergency getting unnoticed. You can now send the signal to you near and dear ones. Apart from the alert, your location, and the audio or video of your surrounding can also be sent. You can approve the contents and customize their patterns through mobile app.


WiseWear- A Smart Jewelry For Smart Women

With the amazing bracelet and the connectivity, you will get instant notifications regarding texts, emails, incoming calls and calender reminders. Such notifications will be made through slight vibrations. Through the bracelet only, you can stay connected with all your alerts without even touching your phone.


WiseWear- A Smart Jewelry For Smart Women

The Soicalite Series is water resistant. You can take it in showers, swimming pools, water splshes. Hence, water won’t be your enemy again. Socialite also has a metal plating which protects it from unwanted germs and bacteria.

The series has also get LED screen and a battery life up to 3 days. Apart from these, it also has Haptic Technology, which means that, it emits touch vibration patterns as customized by the user.

The Socialite lineup is the real-time, tech providing Smart wearable Jewelry. Not only does it provides with you so many features but it also has an absolute gorgeous appearance. For me, this is the must have wearable for fashion as well as tech loving females.


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