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Windpact’s Helmet For Athletes Is A Solution Against Concussions

Windpact's Helmet For Athletes Is A Solution Against Concussions

The former All-Pro NFL cornerback, Shawn Springs stunned all when he comes up with Windpact, Inc. The purpose behind the startup was to protect the players and athletes against severe head injuries and concussions.

Windpact was formed with the idea to work against Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) and traumatic brain injuries which footballers face from time to time. To those who don’t know, CTE happens when a player faces multiple head injuries. The excessive blows result in extreme diseases which can end the player’s football life.

CTE also leads to severe depression related problems which can even lead to suicidal behavior. The world especially the sports side is getting serious regarding this issue and with this purpose in mind Shawn Springs is striving to help the footballers everywhere.

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Windpact's Helmet For Athletes Is A Solution Against Concussions

As per company’s press release:

Its goal, for now, is to “become synonymous with head protection by building a leading brand in safety and design that improves impact performance in helmets and protective gear.”

Springs believe that Windpact can protect those players who are prone to face the CTE-related injuries and can help them spring back to a game and normal life.

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Spring in a statement said that;

“Windpact is my way of giving back to the game I love. By improving the safety for the players who play now and those who will play in the future.”


Windpact's Helmet For Athletes Is A Solution Against Concussions

Windpact’s Crash Cloud system has three different basic features. The significant elements which help the players include Wind Springs™, Impact Vents™ and Refresh Vents.™. With the help of these technologies, the helmet absorbs any sort of hazardous blow on the head, minimize the impact of the blow and rebound to protect against any impact which reverberates one after another. For now, Windpact does not manufacture helmets but it hopes to work for helmet safety and license out the Crash Cloud system to helmet manufacturers across the sporting world.

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What’s more is that Windpact technology and the idea behind the helmet is not restricted to just football only. The helmet can be used for construction purposes, military purposes, and transportation etc.

In order to make this helmet a reality, Windpact has also partnered with the Ohio State University and Under Armor. Both the partnerships will help in spreading the awareness regarding concussions and to materialize the helmet.

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