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Will Whoop be successful in disturbing the sports industry?

whoop2Whoop, a Boston based startup company recently received an investment of $3 million from Indian tech giant Infosys but this is not the only investment company has received so far. Previously, the company has raised up to $22 million from different sources.

Whoop has a strong foundation. It was founded in 2012 by Will Ahmed, a Harvard graduate and in advisory board have Antonio Bertone, the former CMO of Puma; Stephen Wolfram, founder of Wolfram Alpha; and Jeffrey Olgin, chief cardiologist at University of California, San Francisco .

whoopWith investments and a solid board, they have launched a comfortable wristband that athletes can wear 24 hours day to help measure strain on their body using a proprietary algorithm that combines heart rate, heart rate variability, sleep performance and quality, skin conductivity and ambient temperature. Company suggests that their wearable device is being used by Olympians and athletes across U.S. professional sports leagues and college conferences.

With cash available to expand, the company can easily expand beyond US and cater for European footballers and sporting clubs thus impacting the sports wearable giants like Catapult and STATsports. Though, as of today we don’t see any immediate threat to their dominance.

Ali Yaqoob
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