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Will wearables “disappear” in 2016?

Will wearables "disappear" in 2016?

Wearable are slowly becoming a part of our everyday life. The new tech is adjusting amidst ourselves fluently. We are getting accustom to the news of new sports technology or wearable tech like hearing about a new Smartphone coming up.

Smartwatches, Smart Jewelry and wearable clothes are being designed in such a way, that no one can even guess that you are close to being super human at the moment. This is the reason Rick Yang, New Enterprise Associates venture capital partner, has already predicted that the wearable technology will “disappear” in 2016.

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The fact that the tech like Apple Watch, Fitbit Bands, MisFit Fashion edition Jawbone and Google Glass have opened the doors to the world of increasing blend of fashion with innovation and technology. Nowadays, the best of the wearable are encrusted with jewels and other fashion innovations in such a way that people cannot know that the thing you are wearing on your wrist can count your steps, or the pendant on your neck can measure breath while your shirt is unstainable.

Yang in his statement said that the wearable are adjusting so clearly into our fashion sense that nobody can predict that the bracelet you are wearing is not from Tiffany or Damas. Apart from this, you don’t even feel like a walking technology which you usually are at that moment.

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Yang also predicted that in the upcoming year, the luxury market will expand and more and more brands will start selling expensive devices. Yang, in his statement, also noted that the companies like Athos which is making smart clothes with technology, Hexoskin, WiseWear and Omsignal are going to conquer the wearable world with integrating more and more technology into their wearables.

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He further said that,

“You go through your normal workout routine, you don’t worry about what you’re wearing or what you’re doing. And afterwards, it provides all the data and all of the insights into how you’re working out, what muscles were firing without you having to input anything into there. But it just being useful and providing a great value to the consumer in that standpoint.”

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The Yang’s insight and statement has ultimately made us understand the importance and the growing expansion of the wearable technology. The benefit of these devices are increasing day by day and they don’t feel like a burden too. Hence, it is to be seen that the fast emerging 2016 has what in store for us.

Kainaat Maqbool
The writer is a student of journalism, pursuing her passion for writing. She is an avid reader and wants to be a novel writer or a fashion editor someday!

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