Tuesday, September 19, 2023

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WHOOP – Official Fitness Wearable of Barnsley FC

Recently declared, WHOOP – Official Fitness Wearable of Barnsley FC. The human performance company WHOOP has signed an agreement with Barnsley Football Club and they have declared WHOOP to be the official fitness wearable of their 2021/2022 season.

Since Barnsley supports data-driven decision-making, WHOOP technology will be supplied to each of the players in the team and academy. This technology will be capable of providing detailed insights, unique data points, and metrics to further improve performance. Moreover, keeping better track of on and off-field fitness of players will be capable as well as insights can be provided as feedback to its coaching teams.

Featured on the back of the first team home, away and third kit shirts, WHOOP branding will once again outshine just like it has done previously in many other seasons, sporting competitions and with winning champions. barnsley FC team

With previous partnerships with the NFL Players’ Association, the PGA TOUR, and LPGA Tour, WHOOP has a worldwide reputation for being a data-driven company with outstanding wearable technologies.

“WHOOP is a data-driven company inspired by the achievements of top athletes around the world,” said Briain Curtin, International Marketing Director for WHOOP, “We’re excited to partner with Barnsley and unite in our shared mission to bring analytics, sports science, and strategy together to help players optimize their health and performance.”

WHOOP devices will help players to work out and practice at their best. They will assist them in optimizing their workouts, exercise, training sessions, and even their sleeping time. They can also track down respiratory issues with industry-leading third-party validated accuracy. WHOOP2.jpgBarnsley FC is more than delighted to have partnered with WHOOP – Official Fitness Wearable of Barnsley FC. The reason being simple: After several months of using WHOOP, studies have shown a major difference in the physical performance of the athletes.


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