WHOOP Body: Smart Wearable Technology is here, and it allows athletes to wear the WHOOP 4.0 fitness band anywhere on the body. The first of its kind, unique and innovative, WHOOP has successfully launched its line of smart clothing for athletes and fitness enthusiasts out there.


After their WHOOP 4.0 fitness tracker, the people behind it wanted something that would make the tracker seem invisible. They therefore thought and implemented this idea to come up with such apparel that would basically hide the tracker behind it. A revolutionary project that was in its testing phase for the last nine years, has finally borne fruit. And we can now see WHOOP Body products launched in the market and also available for general use.

The WHOOP 4.0 fitness tracker can be worn anywhere across the body, at multiple locations at your convenience. The user can wear corresponding garments over that particular body part and effectively collect data from the torso, thigh, waist, and calf.


Already, the fitness tracker WHOOP 4.0 has been very much appreciated by personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts across the globe. The reason being that this particular tracker is enough to provide in-depth data regarding sleep status, recovery, heart rate variability, and so on. This data is really useful in recovering and training harder next time.

Alongside this tracker, comes WHOOP Body that includes performance-focused activewear like sports bras, leggings, and compression tops and a daily wear intimate collection like bralettes and boxers. Women’s sizes are available from XS to XL, whereas men’s sizes will be from S to XXL. In the future, more styles and patterns, and sizes are to come hopefully.
whoop body training collection apparel
There is a special pocket in these garments that can house the tracker, no wristband will be further required. These garments are compatible only with the WHOOP 4.0, users with previous versions will have to upgrade their bands. Check out WHOOP official website for more details and inquiries.