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Whoop 4.0 Wearable For Athletes Can Track Body Temperature & Blood Oxygen Level

Recently, Whoop 4.0 Wearable For Athletes has been introduced by Whoop. Already known worldwide for its performance-focused wearables for the sporting sector, Whoop has now launched its next-generation tracker called the Whoop 4.0.

With no screen and only a knitted band on the front, this new device is said to be the ultimate item for sports athletes. According to Whoop, the new Whoop 4.0 tracker is 33% smaller in size than its previous counterpart. It contains almost all features to support the health and fitness tracking of a person. These include possessing a pulse oximeter to monitor blood oxygen levels and a sensor to check skin temperature.

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The Whoop 4.0 works in correspondence with Whoop App. It gathers human data to inform the wellness guidance in the app. This data includes stats for heart rate, respiratory rate, heart-rate variability, calories burned, resting heart rate, and sleep performance. The recommendations are related to three main areas, which are sleep, recovery, and training. The App evaluates the overall health conditions of the athlete based on these stats.


Apart from keeping track of sleep status and sleep cycles, the Whoop band is also capable of sending you a wake-up alert if need be. Its sleep tracking feature uses stages, disturbances, efficiency, and respiratory rate to assess sleep quality. After assessing each night’s sleep quality, it creates an overall trend for sleeping duration and consistency. This is useful for the user to evaluate his own sleeping quality.

whoop 4.0 bandBattery life for Whoop 4.0 is five days. Also, Whoop 4.0 has ‘upgraded sensor configurations’ meaning that the data and stats it will provide will be more accurate.

Moreover, Whoop has also introduced a new range of smart clothing including sports bras, leggings, sleeves, and shorts. This smart wear will function completely with the Whoop 4.0 band. Very soon, we will be covering up this new garment range by Whoop in our next articles.


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