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Whipper -The World’s First Wearable Performance Tracker For ‘Climbing’

San-Fransico based tech company has great news for all the climbing lovers. If you love climbing, no matter if you are a pro in it or not, the company has got a gift for you. The tech company has designed the world’s first ever climbing performance tracker called Whipper to keep an eye on the techniques of the climbers.

The Whipper is tucked to the body part of the climber. Once the wearer reaches the apex, the data is synchronized to the connected Smartphone app. The app converts all the collected data into different graphics, visual images and provides you with the significant information which helps you in climbing better than ever. The software of the coaching app is great and is novel than the other Smartphone tracking apps available today.

Whipper -The World's First Wearable Performance Tracker For 'Climbing'

The Smart coaching provides users with a feedback on their performance, provides them with the stats, recommend that goals and also benefits them with various training programs. Whipper is capable of performance tracking and performance analytics. The climbers can get any amount of data they desire. With the help of social feature, the users can also share their challenges, results, and goals with another user. This way they can also compete with many other Whipper users throughout the world.

To those who think that the Whipper wearable tracker is for professional and league climbers only, the device is capable of analyzing the skills and helping the users from a scratch. Whipper has different skill levels that are capable of providing different forms of feedback to all sorts of climbers.

Whipper -The World's First Wearable Performance Tracker For 'Climbing'

What’s special about Whipper is that it is the world’s first wearable of such nature. Even if a few people are associated with climbing as a smart, a majority of people around the world enjoy it as a sport and they want to improve their skills.

The Whipper is soon going to enter Indiegogo. After the production and design plans are finished, the wearable will appear on Indiegogo by the start of next month. If the monetary goal is fulfilled, the Whipper will be available in the market by the end of this year.

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