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WenWen – A New Step Towards Smart Jewellery

WenWen has launched a smart jewellery (Eric and Joy) for you and your spouse or your lover. It has multiple smart functions which will make your life easier. It is quite simple to use and elegant to wear.


Here is the list of features of this smart jewellery:

  1. Call Reminder:

All it needs is a bluetooth connection with your phone. After it has been established, it will notify you by either flickering or vibrating as per your choice and settings whenever you get a call. This call feature also allows you to add certain VIP contacts through your WenWen mobile application.

2. Message Reminder:

Similar to call reminders, WenWen smart jewellery also takes on the task of notifying you whenever you receive a message or a notification on any of your social media apps, again by either flashing lights or vibrating as per your setting. In this way you will never miss any important messages delivered to you.

3. Phone Tracker:

In case you lose your phone or forget it somewhere, WenWen smart jewellery also has a feature of keeping a track on it. Whenever your phone goes out of reach beyond the range of effective signals of the bluetooth, it will promptly remind you of your missing phone. The general bluetooth effectivity range in an open space is 10 meters.

4. SOS Signal Feature:

WenWen jewellery in coordination with its WenWen app helps you send distress signals whenever you are in trouble. After you have set up your emergency contact number along with its details in the WenWen app, clicking the dial or the gemstone of your smart jewellery in a particular order sends a distress signal to your emergency contact. It will vibrate for about 6 seconds to let you know that the signal has been conveyed. The person receiving your distress signals will get your location and contact details along with details to contact for help.

5. Keeping the Love Alive:

WenWen smart jewellery helps you express your love in intimate and private ways.

  • It tracks your time together with your loved one, all you have to do is enter your loved one’s ID and send them a bind request which will begin your love story.
  • By tapping on the gemstone of the smart jewellery in a particular pattern you can send your love and your lover can respond by tapping on the jewellery back.
  • If you ever gift the smart jewellery to your lover, you can store a sweet message or a video in it which will play once they receive the gift.

6. Widgets:

Smart jewellery comes along with additional features and widgets. It has various cool features like:

  • Easily taking a selfie. Just shake your jewellery and it will click a selfie on your phone camera. You can also set a timer through it.
  • You can even change the colour of your gem on the jewellery by using the WenWen app. Change the orientation of the light that flashes through the jewellery from long standing bright to flashing or even dancing.
  • You can send your partner coded messages from the jewellery too.
  • It also keeps a check on the number of steps you take everyday, your walking distance as well as the number of calories you consumed.


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