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Wearables: The Answer to Women’s Safety


Without any concealed attempt at prejudice, we are inclined to say that women are indeed more vulnerable than men. This is a direct consequence of the fact that men are not easy targets. Women, therefore, are more predisposed to suffering from domestic abuse and other forms of violence.

As technology progressed (at an incredibly fast rate, we daresay), certain wearable technology gadgets were made specifically for ensuring the safety of the women. Even if you don’t think you actually need any of them to feel safe, it’s certainly better to own at least one, just in case.

Personal emergency ring.

Stay with us, because we will teach you all there is to know about these tech products. Afterward, you’ll be safer than a fish in the water.

Personal Emergency Wearables

By using some very affordable personal safety alarms, you can rest assured that no-one’s ever going to take advantage of you. The importance of wearing some kind of technological item that is meant to ensure your protection is too great to be put in simple words.

For instance, let’s imagine you climb into a cab, but after a while, you realize that it’s taking you on the outskirts of town when you were headed precisely the other way. What can you do in this case? Jump out of the car? Maybe.

The woman safety apps enclosed in some state-of-the-art wearables are potentially life-saving.Most of them send notifications to your family as soon as you press a button. Some of them can even call the police on your behalf, without you actually having a phone in your hand.

How Do They Work?

The mechanisms are pretty simple. All these gadgets masquerade as pieces of jewelry like rings, necklaces or bracelets, but once you’ve hit a button they can do either of the following:

· Send messages, send your exact GPS location or call the cops while broadcasting the discussion between you and your assailant. It goes without saying that you didn’t know technology has come to this.

A Few Gadgets To Consider

Here is a list of a few wearables that are an answer to women’s safety. You can take a look at them and then purchase, in order to make sure you’re completely safe anywhere you might be.

ROAR Athena personal safety wearable.

ROAR Athena

This is a coin-sized device that can be worn as a necklace or attached to your bag, key chain or simply in your pocket. With just one press of a button, your location, alongside a message, are sent to your family.

Moreover, it functions as an alarm, because it produces a strident sound when the button is pressed. You can buy this for $70.00 on Amazon


This innocuous-looking bracelet is connected to your phone via Bluetooth. When you press the designated buttons, the device sends messages to your family. It also records in real-time and broadcasts the audio to the police.


Fob is a device that looks like an earbud. It can be attached to the key chain. Once you’ve pushed the button and held it for 3 seconds, your GPS location and an S.O.S. message will be sent to your emergency contacts.


Siren doesn’t send anything, nor does it broadcast to the police. You should get a hint of what it does from its name: it activates a shrill alarm that can be heard from a long distance. The attacker will run from the scene like there’s no tomorrow. The siren looks like a stylish ring, so not only you’ll be on the safe side, but also at the top of the fashion wave.


Another gorgeous-looking ring, this is actually a safety gadget, as well. With the press of a button, it sends an alarm to the contacts you’ve designated in case of emergency. Moreover, you can also record audio that can serve as evidence.


Revolar is a simple button that can be clipped to your bag, your purse or even your clothes. If you press it thrice, it sends an urgent S.O.S. message to some of your contacts. If you press it twice, the same contacts will get a message saying that you’re not feeling safe.

Final Thoughts

Wearables – the answer to women’s safety? Definitely yes! This is no insignificant matter. Fortunately, your safety won’t be jeopardized if you own any of these six wearable gadgets. It is incredibly reassuring to know that you can get out of a bad situation by merely pressing a button.

Personal safety ring.

These devices are tiny, and you can be ensured that no assailant would ever recognize them. This, of course, gives you the upper hand in dire straits. Stay safe, wherever you might be!