Wearables That Every Kid Must Have!

Wearable tech is fast advancing. From sports to fitness, the tech is covering almost every aspect of our life. Even, kids aren’t left alone by this tech. Various big companies have jumped into the wearable world along with some amazing tech for the kids, from time to time. However, like always, if you are deciding to gift something to your child or just want a wearable which will help our kid in sports as well as daily life, the choice would quite be difficult. This is why we have solved this problem for you.

Below, we have made a list of wearables which are the most trending and the most beneficial wearables available for the children nowadays. The importance of the mentioned wearables range from sports to fitness. So, dive into the list and choose the best for your children.


dokiWatch Is The Most Advanced And Fun Smartwatch For Kids. The Android Smartwatch has number of stunning features for all children. The Smartwatch comes in various vivid, fun and lovely colors with customizable bands, directly aimed at children. Due to the TPE body, your careless children can also throw the watch anywhere and there would be no harm.

The Smartwatch supports features like fitness tracking, location tracking, voice calling, parental controls, games and even SOS alerts in case of emergency. There is even a virtual dokiPet for the kids to play with. With the help of GPS, parents can also create “AlertAreas” that will send notifications when a child leaves or enters specific locations.

The dokiWatch is similar to the other Smartwatch available for adults today. With fun, health and safety all under one tech, it is a must have wearable for all kids.




July 2016