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Six Wearables that you can consider buying for your child!

Wearables That Every Kid Must Have!

Wearable tech is fast advancing. From sports to fitness, the tech is covering almost every aspect of our life. Even, kids aren’t left alone by this tech. Various big companies have jumped into the wearable world along with some amazing tech for the kids, from time to time. However, like always, if you are deciding to gift something to your child or just want a wearable which will help our kid in sports as well as daily life, the choice would quite be difficult. This is why we have solved this problem for you.

Below, we have made a list of wearables which are the most trending and the most beneficial wearables available for the children nowadays. The importance of the mentioned wearables range from sports to fitness. So, dive into the list and choose the best for your children.


Wearables That Every Kid Must Have!

dokiWatch Is The Most Advanced And Fun Smartwatch For Kids. The Android Smartwatch has number of stunning features for all children. The Smartwatch comes in various vivid, fun and lovely colors with customizable bands, directly aimed at children. Due to the TPE body, your careless children can also throw the watch anywhere and there would be no harm.

The Smartwatch supports features like fitness tracking, location tracking, voice calling, parental controls, games and even SOS alerts in case of emergency. There is even a virtual dokiPet for the kids to play with. With the help of GPS, parents can also create “AlertAreas” that will send notifications when a child leaves or enters specific locations.

The dokiWatch is similar to the other Smartwatch available for adults today. With fun, health and safety all under one tech, it is a must have wearable for all kids.




July 2016


Wearables That Every Kid Must Have!

HitGard is the ultimate solution if you are always worried about your child getting serious head injuries during his/her favorite game “Football”. Young football players can now wear this smart helmet for their protection. HitGard is exclusive for the protection of the skull of the children during games like soccer and football.

The helmet is designed for the children under the age of 5 and 13. The helmet has two-piece covering which is soft and is 30% lighter than the normal helmets. Due to the light weight, there is no strain on the head and the brain of the children. Like other helmets, which only protect your head from straight line injuries which cause linear movement of the brain with skull, HitGard protects the wearers from rotational and other improper-angled hits.

It has a brain sentry, a revolutionary helmet-mounted sensor that flashes red when an athlete suffers an unusually rapid acceleration of the head. The helmet is compulsory recommended for all those children who are intense sports players.

No details on the price and availability are revealed yet.


Wearables That Every Kid Must Have!

Jewelbot is not a simple, fashionable bracelet aimed at kids. Rather, this simple wearable teaches coding to the preteens with the help of friendship bracelet. All the data would be taken to the connected Smartphone apps so that the teens can easily learn all the statements.

Friends would also be able to pair the bracelet together. It will light up as soon as the paired friend is near you. The users can also send messages to friends, as well as they can also learn more replies with the help of Arduino IDE. The Jewelbots are cute little bracelets with a flower that can be programmed to vibrate or light up with different functioning.

Jewelbot is the bracelet for the teens with a feminine touch; however, a little customization can also make it suitable for the boys too. You can read more about it here.





Hiji Band:

Wearables That Every Kid Must Have!

Hiji Band is a concussion detector for all sports. It means that the wearable can detect whenever the user is vulnerable to or is facing concussion. The device aims to change the behavioral aspect of kids whenever they are playing, so that they can be free of any worries.

As soon as a traumatic Brain Injury occurs, the band beeps to alert players that they have to leave the field and consult an expert advice. The connected app will also send an instant alert to players’ parents and coaches. This means that even when there is the slightest head injury, parents will be alerted and a timely treatment can be provided.


$149.99 USD


Hiji Band


Wearables That Every Kid Must Have!

ReimaGO-innovation by Reima is a pair of a wearable movement sensor, functional outerwear and a free connected Smartphone app. The main purpose of the wearable and the app is to help children to stay active.

The sensor continuously monitors the heart rate or the calories of the children wearing it. ReimaGO also measures the continuity and potency of children’s physical strength and other activities throughout the course of the day. After all the data is recorded it can easily be viewed with the help of the Smartphone app. The connected app’s game play shows the progress of children and also gives them rewards due to their good or bad activity.

The ReimaGO along with the waterproof movement sensor is fit to work in extra cold regions with extreme weather conditions. You can read more about it here.


To Be Announced


Autumn 2016

Adidas ZONE Wearable:

Wearables That Every Kid Must Have!

The ZONE wearable by Adidas is a fitness tracker for kids. The wearable is a heart rate monitor which will share the personal fitness data of student with teachers via a cloud. ZONE is not only meant for kids but it will help teachers keep a track on the record of the physical performance of each individual.

There is big memory and even high power which helps students in using it throughout the day without any hassle. ZONE will easily detect the changing heartbeat of the children and as soon as it is done, a color would be release based on the situations like low, moderate, or high activity.

The ZONE wearable is helpful for both students and teachers, as it will help the former to stay active and physical even if they don’t want as the latter would be keeping an eye on them continuously. You can read more about it here.





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