Sensors and trackers mounted on the shoes of footballer to monitor tackles, passes and more.

Soccer clubs all over the world are using smart wearables and sensors on its athletes to gather data and enhance their performance and training sessions. Playermaker believes it can change the game complete by adding an entirely new aspect to the type of information coaches and soccer players receive. These will help them prepare better for their following games.

The achievement worthy of a mention for Playermaker here are it state of the art wearables. These wearable devices are designed with such perfection that they can be easily worn on the shoes of athletes. On top of that, their silicon band makes them hardly noticeable thus causing no negative effect on the play of the footballer. This kind of innovation promises evolving the game for the good. Many Football clubs in England’s top flight football are benefiting from this technology already. One of these clubs is Norwich City, which just made a comeback to English Premier League after a successful season in Championship.

“We’re adding a layer of actual load monitoring, load on the lower limb,” says Yuval Odem “Together with data profile analysis, we can detect symmetry – if your right limb is longer than your left, or you’re not lifting your left leg high enough when you’re running.” Yuval Odem serves at Playermaker as the COO.

The system in Playermaker can very easily pin point the instances at training sessions where the player touched the ball, or passed it, or even when took a shot. All this information synchronised with the footage can make it very easy to make the highlights.

Tracking vests and fitness tracking wristbands have become a very common accessory in any team’s training ground apparels. These wearables by Playermaker are a step further which would definitely take training and performance to new heights.